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Why a Chimney Cap?

Chimney cap can keep animals out of the chimney. Boston's Best Chimney can install one for you.

Chimney Cap

Or Rain Cap

Are the Same Thing!

A Chimney Cap sits atop the chimney and has several functions. The first is to keep material such as leaves, broken branches, birds from entering the chimney and causing the chimney to become blocked.

A blocked chimney will keep by-products of combustion from properly exiting the chimney and, should they enter the home, can be harmful.

A properly designed and fitted chimney cap will keep rain, snow, and leaves out of your chimney, and prevent birds, raccoons, and other critters from entering and nesting there.

A chimney cap can also act like a spark arrestor helping keep sparks from leaving your chimney and ending up on your roof.

In addition, a well-made chimney cap gives a great finish to your chimney and adds beauty to your home. [Read more…]

Thermal Siphoning

Boston’s Best Chimney receives several phone calls on a regular basis with a client stating “I had a fire in my fireplace on the first floor and got smoke in my basement.”  Sounds like thermal siphoning. [Read more…]