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Masonry Work and Weather

On a hot summer day your chimney may be the last thing you’re thinking about, but when the cold New England weather hits in the late Fall, you may start finding yourself wondering if your chimney will make it another winter season.
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Raccoon nest in your chimney

Raccoons LOVE chimneys.
Pregnant raccoons usually start to nest and give birth anywhere from late-March to mid-June.
If your chimney was deemed “home” to a pregnant raccoon, chances are you’re going to have additional unwelcome guests soon.

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Good time to get your chimney flue swept

It’s a great time for sweeping…
With the heating/burning season coming to an end you might want to consider getting your flue swept now.
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Better Business Bureau recognizes Boston’s Best Chimney

With over 30 million businesses in North America alone, people tend to get overwhelmed by choices of who to hire (or even who to fire).  The Better Business Bureau has been in business for over 100 years to help people verify that the company they have decided to hire is reputable, and that they follow good business guidelines. There are many websites that now offer a great deal of information such as, reviews, reports, directories, etc., however BBB is the place to find it all!

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Buying a new home?

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