Chimney Cap Code

Are Chimney Caps Code?

We get this questions a lot. The short answer is, no you are not required by the Commonwealth of MA to have a chimney cap, but certain manufacturers may require them for certain applications. Let me explain; [Read more…]

Going Solar?

solar-panelsRenewable and clean energy sources, such as solar panels, are definitely making a comeback, and for good reason too.

Homeowners across the state are doing their part and making the choice of alternative energy, but before you do, take a look at your chimney. [Read more…]

Gas Logs

gas-log-fireplaceWhy not gas logs?

I know there is a stipulation about people that burn gas in their fireplace.

There’s nothing like a true wood burning fire. The sight, the sound, the smell compares to no other comfort feeling out there.

I know this because I used to be one of them, until… [Read more…]

What on Earth Is That?!…A Stack Silencer

stack-silencer-2Every once and a while we receive a request for a bid on a commercial project that has a scope for something we’ve never done before. [Read more…]



Holy Creosote!

Last week we were called out to one of our long time, heavy burning, clients for annual maintenance.

When we go there we found a very heavy coating of creosote in the flue and on the mechanical fan. [Read more…]

Is the base of the chimney crumbling?

ChimneyBaseBEFORENo problem for Boston Best Chimney!

Deterioration of brick and mortar is inevitable, even when it’s indoor, like at the base of the chimney.

You know what I’m talking about.

A few chips fall off here and a few chips there.  Maybe there is even some moderate crumbling in one area but you try not to look at it because if you don’t, it’s out of sight out of mind.  [Read more…]

Six More Weeks of Winter

groundhogThanks Punxsutawney Phil!

You heard right, folks, six more weeks of winter is at our door step. Guess what? This makes me happy. [Read more…]

Why should I clean my chimney now?

HighFiveThe Spring and Summer months are a busy time for all. Cookouts, pool parties and family trips can really have you pulled in every direction. The memories of hats and gloves are in the distant past, but should they be? [Read more…]

Animal Removal from Chimney Caps

chimneycapHave a cap?

You’re not off the hook!

Did you know that animals like squirrels, birds, bats and raccoons will make your chimney their home? Flues that are not in use make great places to call home because it offers some relief from weather and added protection from predators. [Read more…]

What are Wythe bricks?

“There is no wythe wall” – We hear this a lot from potential buyers about issues that were picked up during a home inspection, but what does it mean? [Read more…]