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What is a liner?
When a chimney is built, very frequently clay tiles are used in the chimney to vent flue gases, the products of combustion. After a period of time, it is possible that the clay tile will begin to deteriorate and need to be replaced. At this time, the installation of a new liner is normally recommended. See chimney diagram.

What does a liner do?
A liner should keep the by-products of combustion from entering the home.

What kind of liner do you offer?
1. Aluminum
2. Stainless steel / corrugated
3. Stainless steel / smoothwall

For more information, please visit our Liner Page.

Chimney Caps

Chimney caps sit atop the chimney and have several functions. The first is to keep material such as leaves, broken branches, birds from entering the chimney and causing the chimney to become blocked.

A blocked chimney will keep by-products of combustion from properly exiting the chimney and, should they enter the home, can be harmful.

A second function is to keep sparks from getting out of the chimney and landing on combustible materials where a fire could start.

This function is most important for fireplaces and wood stoves. A third function is to keep various animals, such as raccoons, from nesting in the chimney. Nesting animals not only create the possibility of a blocked chimney, but the possibility that the animal will enter the home.

We offer a variety of chimney caps: stainless steel (also available in black), copper (to add to the appearance of your home), and custom made.

For more information, visit our Chimney Cap page.


There are two locations for a damper. The Throat Damper is placed in the throat of the chimney, just above the firebox; the Top Sealing damper is placed on top of the chimney and operated by a mechanism that descends into the lower part of the chimney.

Both dampers are offered by Boston’s Best Chimney and we are also able to replace a throat damper (see Throat under Firebox Assembly in the diagram on the right)  with a top sealing damper which goes at the top of the chimney.

Enervex fans

A fan set atop the chimney to help the chimney draft better. This is frequently a solution to problems caused by smoke entering the home.

Cleanout Doors

A small door which gives access to the area of the chimney where ashes or soot collect. By installing a cleanout door, subsequent cleanings are accomplished more quickly. See chimney diagram.

Ash Dump Doors

A door in the firebox area of a fireplace. The door allows the swift removal of ashes into an area called the Ash Pit located below the hearth. See chimney diagram.

Clay Pots

Somewhat similar in function to raincaps, they sit atop a chimney and add a decorative appearance.

European Copper Pots

Somewhat similar in function to raincaps, but made of copper, they combine the functionality of clay pots and durability of metal.


Used primarily for smoke problems caused by wind related back-puffing into the home.