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Animal Removal

An animal caught in a chimney can be a terrifying situation – especially for the animal! We are frequently called to remove birds, house pets, and raccoons as well other animals from chimneys. Remember, an animal left in the chimney to die poses a serious health hazard to the occupants not only from the possibility of disease but from a flue blockage which may result.

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Chimney Cap

Raincaps come in all sizes

Visit our Chimney Cap page

Chimney caps come in all sizes.

Chimney caps (or raincaps) are not necessary but highly recommended. Caps are designed to prevent rain from entering the chimney, causing damper and firebox rust leading to expensive repairs.

Chimney caps also discourage leaves, branches, animals, etc. from entering the chimney potentially causing dangerous blockages. With a built-in spark arrestor, the chimney cap’s 18 gauge stainless steel screen reduces the number of sparks and large ash that is normally blown into the air and onto rooftops.
Boston’s Best Chimney offers a variety of chimney caps in standard and custom sizes.

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Chimney Inspection

When we first come to your home, we will perform a Chimney Inspection to determine the status of your chimney. Because there are many aspects of an inspection, we have created a single page where all the information may be found.

For more information, visit our Chimney Inspection page.

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Chimney Liners

For more information, visit our Chimney Liner page.

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Chimney Pointing

When you look at your brick chimney and notice that the joints between the bricks are soft and crumbling, maybe even with pieces missing, the chimney needs repointing. This is a needed repair that when done in time can prevent more serious damage. Oftentimes only a portion of the chimney needs repointing while the remainder remains in good condition. Some photos of chimney repointing may be seen on our Masonry Page. After your chimney has been repointed, consider waterproofing it to help prevent the problem from recurring.

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Chimney Rebuild

A rebuilt chimney


This is a repair that is best made when the temperature is suitable; so, don’t wait until the dead of winter when you are threatened with the loss of heat! Please take a look at some of the chimneys which we have rebuilt. After your chimney has been rebuilt, consider waterproofing it to help prevent the problem from recurring.

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Chimney Repair

Looking down into the chimney

Looking down into the chimney.
If you notice minor cracks or loose bricks in your chimney, this is the time to make needed repairs rather than waiting for more serious damage to occur. We can repair damage before it gets worse and offer suggestions to prevent further deterioration of your chimney. After your chimney has been repaired, consider waterproofing it to help prevent the problem from recurring.

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Clay Pots

Very often homeowners will place a clay chimney pot atop the chimney of their home to give their home that simple touch of elegance and distinction. It is important to note that the chimney pot should be properly sized to function with the standard use of the chimney. An added benefit of a chimney pot is the additional height it offers a chimney thus helping in situations where there is a poor draw.

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A damper is the apparatus that is opened and closed when having a fire. You can have a conventional or throat damper that sits right above the firebox or a top sealing damper. Top sealing dampers mount on top of the chimney and seals with a rubber gasket. There is a cable that runs down the flue attaching in the firebox for access. Top sealing dampers are favored because they claim to save you money on heating and air conditioning costs and help prevent downdrafts.

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Firebox Repair

Herringbone effect in a newly rebuilt firebox

Herringbone effect in a newly rebuilt firebox.
Firebox repair can range from a simple lintel seal to a masonry revamp. There are options from rebuilding, pointing or skimcoating an existing fireplace you can chose from.

To give an accurate estimate we will need to send a technician out to evaluate the different options. We have included some photos to show what a firebox repair looks like.

Our estimates are free of charge.

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Flashing Repair

Flashing is the lead or copper which surrounds the base of the chimney as it enters the home on the rooftop. If not properly attached, it allows the elements, especially rainwater, to enter the home and create damage. Sometimes, flashing repair is a simple task; other times, more extensive repair work is required. We are able to perform masonry repair on various parts of the fireplace, including the firebox.

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Hearth Repair

We are able to perform masonry repair on various parts of the fireplace, including the hearth.

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Gas Stove installation

We also install Gas Stoves and Gas Logs.

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Click here to contact us for more information.

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Rain Caps

For more information, visit our Chimney Cap page.

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Quite frequently the area surrounding a fire place is in disrepair and in need of restoration. Fireplace and chimney restorations are our specialty. Boston’s Best’s craftsmanship have set us apart from many other chimney service companies in the area. Boston’s Best can convert your old coal hopper or damaged firebox into a beautiful working wood burning or gas fireplace and deteriorated chimneys get new life with the help of one of our skilled masons.

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Smoke Chamber Repair

Smoke chamber deteriorating? We can fix it.The Smoke Chamber is that area just above the hearth in a fireplace. A smoke chamber may be repaired as part of a fireplace chimney restoration.

There is a break through chimney product called Smoktite. Before, to gain access to a smoke chamber we have to remove the damper frame and adjacent brickwork in order to hand trowel a cement material onto the masonry surface. Now we are able to use a spray that allows the smoke chamber repair to be done faster, easier, and more cost effectively.

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Smoke Problems

Smoke problems are a major source of complaints from homeowners and we can offer solutions if you have a smoke problem.

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Snow Removal

Getting up on a roof that covered by snow and ice is a dangerous job.  Don’t go at it alone!  We can clear away the snow and ice and remove the potential hazard of added weight on your roof.  Call for pricing and availability.

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Chimney Sweeping is what most people think of us as doing. But, as you can see from the list of services on this page, we do a whole lot more! Although many do-it-yourselfers clean, we call it sweeping, their chimneys, it takes an experienced professional to notice more serious problems that may be lurking in the chimney. While sweeping your chimney, we attempt to take note of these issues and bring them to your attention.

A chimney professional is also equipped to handle many problems that few homeowners can remedy without specialized equipment. For example, while looking into the chimney, a Chimney Professional knows whether a simple chimney sweeping is called for or whether more aggressive tactics are required. A layman usually cannot distinguish the differences among various stages of creosote and may think that by running a brush up and down the chimney the chimney has been cleaned. Often, this is not the case!

It is not possible to guarantee that a chimney is “fire safe” but a Chimney Professional can help you to understand the issues involved.

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Video Scan of Chimney

There are instances when simply peering into the chimney from above or below is not sufficient to see what the condition is. In such instances, we use a Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) device which will allow us to see where we normally are unable to see. Take a look at our Chimney Video page to see how we do this.

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Chimney bricks are like sponges! When water strikes the surface of the brick, it slowly penetrates to the interior and causes the brick to weaken and, eventually, crumble. To prevent damage to the chimney, a knowledgeable homeowner will ask a Chimney Professional to waterproof it. However, although many products are available for waterproofing, what you put on your deck is not what you put on your chimney. Your Chimney Professional is equipped with the proper product and the correct means for applying it so that your chimney will last longer.

One of the best protections you can offer a newly repaired or rebuilt chimney is waterproofing. Be sure that waterproofing is an integral part of any major chimney repair!

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