chimney sweep

What Does a Chimney Sweep Do?

Chimney sweeping is one of the oldest professions here in Massachusetts. It was once one of the most difficult and hazardous jobs, although modern technologies have made the process much more efficient and safer---but no less dirty. In fact, chimney sweeping was featured on the show Dirty Jobs on Discovery Channel, giving you a glimpse… Continue reading

leaking chimney

Can Leaking Problems Be Something Other Than Weather Related? The Answer Is Yes!

Leaky chimney got you down? We hear you. A very common complaint we're receiving this winter is those regarding leaky chimneys. But how can that be? Everything's frozen! Or is it...?? Often, we assume that our pesky leaking issue is due to poor masonry, heavy rains, and/or roof problems. This is not always the case!  Weather-related leaks pick… Continue reading

winter maintenance

Winter Building Maintenance

Basements and attics are bad environments for foundations, support columns, and chimneys: Any exposed masonry in basements and attics tend to decay faster than any other area, including the outdoors. With them being out of sight out of mind you probably don’t even know it! The reason is due to the atmosphere in these areas:… Continue reading

7 Ways to Keep Your Fireplace and Chimney Safe

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