moisture in your chimney

4 Dangers of Moisture In Your Chimney

Spring showers might be wonderful for flowers in bloom, but it can forecast gloom for your chimney. In fact, having moisture in your chimney is a major danger sign for an array of issues. These are some of the most common dangers that you’ll find when moisture is lurking inside ... Read More »
fireplace mantel

How to Freshen up the Look of Your Fireplace

Spring is here and you might be looking for ways to overhaul your home. The fireplace serves as a focal point in any home, whether you’re living in a historic Victorian home with multiple fireplaces or a Cape Cod with a single living room fireplace. The fireplace can set the ... Read More »
4 Common Signs that Your Chimney Needs Repairing

4 Common Signs that Your Chimney Needs Repairing

After a cold and long winter, you might be pondering the home improvements that need addressing this season. It’s easy to overlook your chimney, but writing it off of your home maintenance checklist can lead to major costly problems. These are the 4 signs that your chimney is in need ... Read More »
chimney inspection

How Does Winter Weather Affect Your Chimney?

As we begin to experience milder temperatures around Boston, you might be relieved to finally open some windows and enjoy the fresh air. However, your chimney just went through a lot during the winter season and you might not realize how it impacts structure or performance. Here is what you ... Read More »
chimney sweep

What Does a Chimney Sweep Do?

Chimney sweeping is one of the oldest professions here in Massachusetts. It was once one of the most difficult and hazardous jobs, although modern technologies have made the process much more efficient and safer---but no less dirty. In fact, chimney sweeping was featured on the show Dirty Jobs on Discovery ... Read More »
leaking chimney

Can Leaking Problems Be Something Other Than Weather Related? The Answer Is Yes!

Leaky chimney got you down? We hear you. A very common complaint we're receiving this winter is those regarding leaky chimneys. But how can that be? Everything's frozen! Or is it...?? Often, we assume that our pesky leaking issue is due to poor masonry, heavy rains, and/or roof problems. This is not always ... Read More »
It’s Cold Now! Are You Losing Heat From Your Chimney?

It’s Cold Now! Are You Losing Heat From Your Chimney?

It’s cold and we need our fireplaces to work efficiently now more than ever! If you feel cold air entering the room from the fireplace, there are options. Whether it's a simple fix, or an opportunity to make those fireplace upgrades you've been thinking about, we can help guide you ... Read More »
winter maintenance

Winter Building Maintenance

Basements and attics are bad environments for foundations, support columns, and chimneys: Any exposed masonry in basements and attics tend to decay faster than any other area, including the outdoors. With them being out of sight out of mind you probably don’t even know it! The reason is due to ... Read More »
heat loss

Is Your Chimney Adding to Your Heating Bill?

It’s winter and cold weather is here, which means higher energy bills and potential heat loss in the home. While homeowners are quick to blame drafty windows for energy loss, they might not consider the impact that the chimney or fireplace has on your heating bill. The short answer is ... Read More »
6 Chimney Facts You Might Not Have Known

6 Chimney Facts You Might Not Have Known

You have a chimney in your house and you use it during the winter for your fireplace. You also enjoy decorating your fireplace mantel and making it feel warm and cozy for the holidays! While you understand the basic functions of a chimney and fireplace, we have some fun chimney ... Read More »