Home Chimney Liners? What’s Right for Me?

Home chimney liners from Boston's Best ChimneyWell, that depends….What are you venting?
Different applications call for different types of home chimney liners. Fireplace liners are larger diameter stainless steel, heating flue liners can be 316 alloy stainless, AL29-4C alloy stainless or aluminum. All these vary significantly in price.
Heating Flues / Oil + Gas
Home Chimney Liners have maximum BTU ratings which are primarily calculated based on height and diameter. The BTUs from all appliances are added together and cross-referenced in the NFPA 54 (National Fuel Gas Code). This will give you the required diameter for the existing appliances.
High-Efficiency Heating
Most gas high-efficiency boilers require a 3″ or 4″ AL29-4C alloy stainless steel vent when the chimney is vented. These lining systems have a slightly different type of installation with elbows instead of tees and rigid extensions at the peak. The boiler manufacturer sets the diameter regulations. These boilers cannot be common vented or installed in a flue with other appliances venting around it. High-efficiency boilers do require fresh air and may be able to be pulled from the chimney with an aluminum duct.
Fireplaces / Gas Logs
Fireplace flues are sized based on a ratio of the net cross-sectional area of the fireplace opening. When you are unable to attain that ratio, additional work may be needed to achieve optimal draft. And don’t neglect the smoke chamber! Usually, the smoke chamber will need to be sealed as part of the relining process.
Gas Inserts
Gas inserts require two smaller liners, one for exhaust and one for fresh air. Both liners are installed into one flue and can usually be aluminum.
So how do you know what type of liner you need? You don’t have to! A free in-home consultation can be arranged to review conditions and discuss intentions.
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