Stay Safe, Stay Warm!

Winter Storm Grayson is here and as ferocious as they thought! Snow days can be fun, but here are a few tips to safely weather the storm:



  • Place a fire safe screen in front of the fireplace for popping embers
  • Keep combustibles 36” away from your fireplace or wood stove
  • Do not leave space or portable heaters unattended
  • Have small hot fires and burn only hard wood – no paper or cardboard
  • Have the chimney swept regularly by a certified chimney professional
  • Make sure exhaust vents for dryers and direct vented boilers are free and clear of snow

Storm’s winding down, now what???
Boston’s Best Chimney is doing snow removal!! Roofs, walkways and driveways (or any “ways” in between). Call or email us to get on our list! 978-479-3494 /