Tile Breaking

What is it?
Tile breaking is a process of breaking out and removing interior clay tiles in a flue.
Why this is Needed?
Liners have max capacities for BTU load, and sometimes, the flue is too small and will not accommodate for the required size liner. When this happens, breaking out the interior tiles to create more space is necessary for the installation.
What you should know
Tile breaking is an invasive process and can break out neighboring flue tiles if they’re close enough together. Dust control is very important during this process and it takes time. Depending on footage, you can expect another days worth of work from start to finish.
If your heating equipment is older, you may want to consider changing out the unit for a more efficient one. A lot of the newer units have smaller requirements for venting.
If this is a fireplace flue, mechanical draft inducers are available if you’re not able to achieve recommended diameter size.
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